LYALVALE EXPRESS Super Game 36g 3’s


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Designed specifically for 12 gauge 2 ¾ inch guns, the Super Game cartridge has been engineered to achieve good patterns and velocity over long distances – making it a performance cartridge with ultimate consistency.

Single base progressive powders ensure low recoil at very high velocities, while the lead has been specially formulated for game shooting in English shot sizes between 1 and 7, for optimum lethality with higher birds, on a wide range of quarry.

The Super Game cartridge is ideally suited for use in modern shotguns and semi-automatic shotguns, and is available with a plastic or fibre wad. The 4mm waxed overpowder card with the fibre wad ensures optimum pressure and an efficient burn, for optimum velocity and unrivalled performance.

PER 25 – £11.00

PER 250 – £105.50

PER 1000 – £409.50