Wildcat Panther .22 (1/2″ x 28 UNEF)


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Wildcat’s new Rimfire & Hornet moderator. Their premium Rimfire Sound Moderator with strippable and over barrel design, the ultimate in Rimfire sound suppression capable of all Rimfires and Hornet Rifles for those who want to keep their package as small and lightweight as possible.

Available in 1/2x20UNF, 1/2x28UNEF, 14×1 and 15×1
Calibres- All rimfire and up to 17 & 22 Hornet

Weight Grams – 221g
Diameter – 37.50 Ø
Over-barrel length – 56.50mm
Added length – 113mm
Total length – 169.50mm
Max barrel diameter – 24mm

Materials – Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Mar 22

please note picture is illustrative only and may not be the model above.