Huntsman Leather & Canvas Gun Slip 51″/30″ barrel fold over.


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The Huntsman collection is made from heavy wearing 18oz cotton canvas in aged two tone colours of Forest green canvas and brown leather. The fabric is laminated with rubber to provide robust waterproofing, greater rigidity and perhaps, and not least important-greater durability. Each product is trimmed with thick leather, which is also used on the straps and buckle flap. Only solid brass hardware is used on the external fittings. This range is designed to match quality and to be robust. Built to last!

This slip is good for barrel lengths up to 30″ and maximum gun length: 131 cm (51″)

Overall length: 131.5cm/51.3/4″. Depth at Stock: 20.0 cm/7 7/8″ Depth at barrel end: 8.00cm/31.8″

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