NORMA .22 cal 24gr Eco Speed (lead free)


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New for this year is our lead-free ECO Speed-22, with a muzzle velocity exceeding all others on the market. The cartridge is 100% lead-free, including the primer, making it quite unique on the market. Why unleaded primers? Well, if you do a lot of semi-auto shooting, all those harmful lead particles get into the air you’re inhaling and can harm your internal organs.

Copper-plated solid zinc bullet for hunting and plinking
100% lead free: lead-free primer and lead-free bullet
Outstanding effect thanks to up to 58% higher velocity than standard
Suitable for rifles and semiautomatic firearms
Calibre: .22 long rifle
Zinc bullet, 1.6 g, V0 520 m/sec (barrel length: 65 cm)

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Aug 22

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