BIRCHWOOD CASEY Super Black Instant Touch-Up Pen


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This Birchwood Casey Super Black Touch-Up Pen can make it simple to keep your furniture looking fresh and clean. It is an easy and effective way to touch-up nicks, scratches and worn areas of black anodized aluminum or black painted surfaces. The Birchwood Casey touch-up pen contains a fast-drying, lead-free paint, allowing you to fix your items in a timely fashion. It is made with superior adhesion and durability that helps fill in deep scratches or worn areas. These special formulations are for use on highly polished and matte finished alloy gun receivers, trigger guards, scopes and binoculars. It even works on cameras, flashlights, fishing reels and other sporting accessories. You can use the black anodized touch-up pen like a marking pen with no mess and simply rub on with chisel point felt tip. It is simple to store the pen when not in use in a desk or workspace. The pen will provide a professional looking finish that stands out nicely. With its versatile usability, you can rely on this Birchwood Casey Super Black Touch-Up Pen to fix your projects for you.