Harris 6-9 inch Bipod Swivel Notched Legs


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Genuine, premium quality Harris bipod to fit any centrefire, rimfire or air rifle which has a sling swivel stud fitted. Simple design for fitting onto a stud in seconds.

The S-BR is can be adjusted for length between 6 and 9″ by pushing in the lock and moving to the desired height and then releasing the lock at the desired notch. The legs are spring loaded for quick set up. Folds neatly adjacent with the barrel/stock when not needed.

The Swivel BRM also has a swivel plate for removing cant whilst shooting on a slope (with a friction plate to fix the bipod at a certain cant if wanted) .

Harris bipods are the best quality on the market they do not become ‘sloppy’ with use

Part no: S-BR

Oct 21