Sig Sauer P226 Black


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177/4.5mm Blow Back Co2 Pistol with 500fps power and a 16 round double ended magazine

This new Sig Sauer CO2 is a quality air pistol, firing lead air gun pellets and produced by Sig Sauer themselves, making this as accurate as possible to the real thing. The construction is full metal making the weight and balance very realistic, whilst being extremely robust and reliable.

There is a 20mm Weaver rail under the front of the barrel for the attachment of lasers, or torches to make target shooting a breeze. The action is semi auto blow-back, which is very precise and realistic, and the barrel is threaded to allow for the fitting of a silencer or muzzle break.

The magazine is a double ended 16 shot magazine, for fast and easy reloading. This pistol fires pellets as well making the accuracy very good, especially for target shooting, or a bit of plinking.

Aug 20

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.177 (4.5mm)


12g CO2


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