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The brand new Yukon Photon XT 6.5×50 Night Vision riflescope has arrived at Scott Country and is the ideal short to mid range night vision riflescope.

The new Yukon Photon XT 6.5×50 is the larger magnification brother to the Photon XT 4.6x night vision riflescope and is the latest incarnation of night vision scope from Yukon, replacing the market changing Yukon Photon 5×42 with a whole host of upgrades and enhancements.

Delivering class leading image resolution and clarity thanks to the new revised 656×492 sensor, the new Photon XT will provide crisp clear images out to 150m when teamed with a high power bolt on IR illuminator which is attached to the weaver accessory rail.
As standard the Photon XT 6.5×50 features a built in 810nm IR illuminator which provides a max 170m detection range.
The first thing you will notice when comparing the Yukon Photon XT with the original 5×42 Photon is that the turrets have gone.
This is due to the new Photon utilising the latest digital reticle technology, which is quickly and easily set up using the new menu system.
Users can also choose from a range of reticles to suit their application, and attach a mobile personal recorder to capture footage of their hunts for playback at home or sharing with friends.
Like the previous Photon, the new Photon XT can also be used in daylight, and teamed with the new higher resolution sensor, the day time image is also better.

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