NORMA 5.6×52 Remington 71gr SP


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This is the old .22 Savage High-Power that has been obsolete in the US since the 1930s. In Europe, however, it is still quite a common choice of rifle caliber in drillings and other combination guns used for small game hunting. The .22 Savage was originally designed by Charles Newton in 1912 and introduced the model 99 lever action rifle. It was based on the .25-35 case necked down to use .228” bullets.

There are probably two reasons why this American design died in the US and survived in Europe. One is the fact that roe deer and fox are some of the most common species hunted in Central Europe – along with the occasional chance of a black grouse or Capercailzie. For these species a .22 caliber cartridge with a heavy bullet at moderate velocity is a very good choice. The other reason is that the 5,6x52R at that time was the only rimmed cartridge in .22 caliber – combined with the mild pressure needed for the break-open guns it was made in.

Although the choices of bullets are very limited, Norma makes 70 grain bullets in both a soft point and full metal jacket version that will give same point of impact and hereby add to the versatility of this old workhorse.

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