FEDERAL .222 Rem 50gr (Hi Shok) SP


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The Federal Classic CF Rifle Cartridge

Bullet Weight: 50 Grains, 3.24 Grams Primer Number: 205 Classic Centrefire, Hi-Shok Soft Point Usage: Varmints, Predators, Small Game Federal Hi-Shok Bullets Hit Hard And Expand Reliably For Effective Game-Getting Performance. The Tapered Jacket Is Designed To Provide Good Initial Penetration Plus Controlled Expansion. Rigid manufacturing Controls Ensure Consistency; generations Of Hunters Swear By Their Reliability. Soft Point: It’s a proven Performer On Small Game And Thin-Skinned Medium Game. It Has An Aerodynamic Tip For a Flat Trajectory. The Exposed Soft Point expands rapidly For Hard hits, Even as Velocity slows at Longer Ranges.

Feb 20

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