Hunting in Poland


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In 1992 Poul Erik Madsen founded Hunter’s Video in order to produce film with a high level of information and entertainment value for hunters around the world. The idea was to enable the individual hunter to prepare for his own hunting trips by learning from other hunters experiences, techniques, equipment, mistakes and successes. All of this in beautiful and scenic landscapes. Mixed Bag in Poland: Europe’s leading hunting destination offers the most exciting experiences with a hunting rifle. Here we accompany the hunters stalking Roebucks in the spring, followed by the thrilling hunt for Red Roebucks during the rut in the summer. Hunting in Poland: Watch spring stalking for elusive Roebuck and the nimble Mouflon and experience hunting the magnificent rutting stag in September. Share the thrill of a driven game like Wild Boar and Red Deer. The Hunters Poland: Experience the hunters Poland, Filmed at a forest reserve in south western Poland, home of the majestic Carpathian Red Deer stags. Famous for their extremely large and heavy trophies.