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In 1992 Poul Erik Madsen founded Hunter’s Video in order to produce film with a high level of information and entertainment value for hunters around the world. The idea was to enable the individual hunter to prepare for his own hunting trips by learning from other hunters experiences, techniques, equipment, mistakes and successes. All of this in beautiful and scenic landscapes. So far over 80 titles are available, please select your title from the drop – down menu, please note that each selection is for one DVD. This special offer is for DVDs with the old style cover design. Elephant Hunting: We are following the hunters Torsten Wedner and PH Luke Samaras through the Selous Game Reserve in their quest for every elephant hunters dream: A large old elephant bull taken in full-blown charge. Limpopo Safari I: Watch three Danish hunters in their search for some of Africas most coveted game along the famous Limpopo River. Witness some exciting hunts in one of South Africas most beautiful safari areas. Limpopo Safari II: Limpopo Safaris operate a concession of 45, 000 hectares with high density game and no less than 23 available species. The region is famous for its exceptional greater kudu and bush back. Classic Safari: Accompany Knud and Bente on their safari starting aboard the luxury train “Rovos Rail”. They go hunting in trie wilderness. Knud takes several great trophies including his dream: a Cape Buffalo along with Eland, Sable, Impala and Wildebeest. African Experiences: Two first time hunters in African on a safari to Tanzania where they take Impala, Topi, Zebra, Warthog, Reedbuck and Duikers. Afilm which surely will stir your enthusiasm for an African safari of your own. Bow Hunting in South Africa: Four difficult species are taken in this film, documenting the difficulties and the thrills of successful bow hunting. The Cape Buffalo: Hunting the Cape Buffalo, one of the most dangerous game animals in Africa. Packed with action and excitement as six large cape buffaloes are taken by the hunters, some a little too close for comfort! Bixen Safari: Swedish Dick won Bixen – Fiinecke of Nasbyholm is in Nambia where we accompany him on a hunt with his son Carl Frederik. Together with the professional hunter Felix they hunt Springbuck, Oryx, Great Kudu, Zebra and Warthog. In The Blood: We follow 13 year old Marcus and his father on safari in Africa. Marcus has some nerve wrecking experiences but proves he can hold his own and shoot straight in every situation. Kenya Safari: Bird shooting in Kenya with Nigel Archer Safaris is an experience for life. Deep sea big game fishing and magnificent shoots of fast flying sand grouse at rarely visited locations in northern Kenya. The Big Four: Torsten Ericson fulfills his dream of bagging the classic Big Four: Buffalo, Leopards, Lion and Elephant. He also deals with a charging Buffalo and takes a crocodile, a hippo and a Puku antelope. Big Game in Zimbabwe: This film will take you on safari for Lion, Buffalo and Elephant. In addition a number of different antelopes are taken. The hunt takes place during two safari’s where outstanding trophies are taken. Serengeti – The Jewel of Africa I: Poul Erik Madsen joins American Tommy Haas on a successful safari through some of Africas very best hunting grounds. Tracking a big male lion on foot is the ultimate test of a lion hunter. Serengeti – The Jewel of Africa II: We continue in the footsteps of American hunter Tommy Haas on a safari through Northern Tanzania. Witness the thrill of exciting stalks and relax with the hunters in their traditional safari camp.


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