NAPIER Universal Rifle Pull Through Kit


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Introduction of the new ULTRACLEAN material has allowed Napier to develop this remarkable new Universal Rifle Pull through Cleaning Kit. Using Dual action ULTRACLEAN, combined with the proven cable pull through tool, it is now possible to effectively clean any gauge of rifle from 17hmr to large bore sporting and big game calibres. The new kit contains everything that is required to clean a sporting rifle in the field or at home, all contained in a handy zip case, that will also accommodate other items such as spare magazines etc..

Just select the number of patches required for each calibre, and using the Cleaner & Lubricant supplied, follow the simple instructions, it is remarkably quick and easy. Every pass through the barrel is made with a completely new and clean piece of material, so it will not transfer corrosive contamination from the tool. Only ONE size of patch is ever required. Replacement patches and all consumables are available separately.

Made in England, It includes a can of Cleaner Lube, 100 Patches, a refill adapter, 5 field patches, full instructions and a component case